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Asset Backed for increased stability

Assetereum is an ERC20 Token backed by real assets to give it an intrinsic value. Investment types include real estate, crypto mining, crypto trading, social enterprise projects, commercial energy brokering and an online shopping platform.

Multiple Profit Streams

These assets not only give the coin its base value, they can also generate ongoing revenue streams. Part of this income is then paid as profits to the token holder, and the rest reinvested back to the asset to increase the portfolio, with the aim of increasing the value of the coin.


We were the official sponsors for the World Seniors Snooker Championship 2018, where Assetereum became the first ever cryptocurrency to be offered as part of the prize money for a global sporting event.

Asset Types


The concept for MyDiscountShop was born in late 2016. A group of experienced entrepreneurs got together with an idea if setting up a global discount site that has all the benefits of online shopping rolled into one. They identified three main things that online shoppers are looking for: offers and discounts, price comparison and reward schemes. They combined these elements into one easy-to-use site, making it unique in the marketplace.

Utilico Energy

Everyone uses energy and no-one wants to be overcharged for it, which makes the energy brokering market very lucrative. Utilico Energy has built up a reputation as one of the UK’s leading commercial energy brokering agenies. With direct deals with all major suppliers, they can facilitate gas and electricity contracts for all types of business, from small SME right up to large corporates.

Crypto Mining

Mining plays an important role in making sure Ethereum and other major cryptocurrencies work. Mining is the heart that keeps cryptocurrencies going and essentially exchanges processing power for a small payment of the currency. This can be very profitable when scaled up in locations where running costs are low, and can produce a reliable stream of income for the business.

Crypto Trading

In the volatile world of cryptocurrency, prices are constantly changing based on supply and demand. There are huge gains to be made by buying and selling at the right time, with just a few seconds making the difference between big gains and big losses. Bots have been created to take advantage of these second-by-second fluctuations, and have been proven to consistently generate significant returns.

Social Enterprise

Social enterprises are businesses that are about more than just making money. They are companies that are making a difference, from big brands that make ethical sourcing and the wellbeing of their workers their number one priority, to independent shops, cafes and other small businesses that are contributing to sustainable development in their local communities. Businesses like this form an important part of our economic growth, and are helping transform our society for the better.

Distribution of Tokens

Team & Advisors

Andreas Papaiacovou

CEO - Founder

Experienced entrepreneur, proven leader and specialist business analyst

Christopher Pedge

CTO - Founder

Experienced developer and crypto expert

Manjeet Singh

Operations Director

Retail sales expert worked with many international brands as a business analyst

Joe Johnson

International Ambassador

Former world snooker champion and Eurosport commentator

Lee Taylor

Energy Consultant

Experienced energy consultant

Jason Francis

Event Advisor

Specialist in social media marketing and global events

Trevor Roberts

Insurance Specialist

Lloyds of London Insurance Broker

Gerwyn Bryan

Real Estate Specialist

Investment acquisition specialist, Property Consultant and Chartered Surveyor

Frequently Asked Questions

The ASET pre-ICO/ICO is not available to residents of the United States nor any county where laws or restrictions are in conflict with the financial security or regulatory compliance rules. AND where KYC is successful

A total of 150,000,000 during Pre-ICO/ICO. Any tokens not sold during a phase will be rolled over to the next phase.

If the Crowdsale campaign does not reach its soft cap (minimal goal) all funds will be refunded.

We plan to allow purchases through multiple currencies. Watch out for the space for more updates.

Minimum is 0.02 ETH.

You can keep ASET tokens in any wallet that supports ERC20 tokens. For example, in the MyEtherWallet.

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